The Seohyun Foundation was founded upon our spiritual devotion to realize the will of God in Uganda.  Through the grace of God, we aim to share our resources, experience and skills to renew and develop the communities of Uganda.

In this agricultural-rich country, we seek  to build schools and farms, to teach modern agriculture and technology to

benefit the people of Uganda.

Stemmed from the Saemaul movement, we aim to work together to overcome structural poverty and to build

towards a more self-sustaining society.

The individuals in our organization have pooled our resources, experiences and skills to realize our common goal of a more faithful and prosperous Uganda. Our vision is to use cutting edge solutions in the rich land of Uganda to develop the community, to have a positive influence that drives the society forward, and to build the foundations of Christianity.


Seohyun Foundation Uganda (SFU) is a South Korean Founded organisation that was established in Uganda in 2013 which operates as a Non-Profit Organization under the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The company was established with major objectives among others to transform society through improved lifestyle, education, Research, health, sports, environmental protection, church construction and generally to improve the lives of the community. SFU’s work is based on humanitarian principles and Christian ethics.

The organisation was founded by Dr. HYUN SOO LEE, as a non-governmental and non-political organization which works hand in hand with Africa Future Foundation (AFF) to improve people’s lives through provision of education, healthcare and relief services. The services supported by SFU include; Social education at all levels, social development, agri-business and farming, health and environmental management. The foundation is committed to providing services to unprivileged members of society regardless of race, religion or political affiliation.

The Seohyun Foundation Uganda serves to restore peace, share love and care to needy and suffering people in Uganda and its neighboring states. Due to the largely growing numbers of refugees in Uganda mostly from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), South Sudan, Somalia and others, SFU is working towards improving peoples's lives through provision of Education and improved health.


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