Our Education Services are supported by Seohyun Foundation Uganda which include schools construction, talent Development and sponsorship programs. SFU has set up a kindergarten and primary school in Wobulenzi Luwero District with the kindergarten section operating today and primary section is due to commence operations very soon. We have a scholarship programme which is currently providing sponsorships to over 27 students in Uganda and South Sudan refugees. SFU entered a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Education and sports in Uganda and Africa Future Foundation to establish an agricultural college in to educate people and improve the agricultural sector as whole.

This program was established to support the needy African students to have access to better Education, fees and get excellent leadership skills needed in transforming their future and the development of Africa at large. Our priorities and initiatives in the schools, training and higher education sectors, are in particular to advance key nationally-agreed education initiatives, programs and projects by providing services such as construction of science schools, researching, testing and developing effective and innovative technologies and communication systems for use in education, devising, developing and delivering curriculum and assessment, professional development, career and information support services, facilitating the pooling, sharing and distribution of knowledge, resources and services to support and promote learning.


This elementary school is located in Wobulenzi, Luweero district on the same premises with our church and our goal is to make it the first of its king in Luweero district to provide quality education services to the young children at their age of pre-primary school. The school teaches chritianity religion to the young children and introductory basic lessons of life which include reading, writing and basic mathematics to help build a good foundation in their early stage of life.


In partnership with Cornerstone Primary School we established a soccer training programme to provide a platform for children to exibit and improve their talent in soccer who are trained to achieve their dreams.


Talent discovery and development is a vital element in both the social and economic development. Through our sports program, we have lauched a Taekwon Doo gym in Wobulenzi, Luweero District dedicated towards promoting sportmanship, unity, cultural exchange and strengthen the excellent international relationship between Uganda and other countries like South Korea, as well as help the locals discover and develop their different talents.


In many african countries, education is one of the most poorly attained services which greatly affects a large number of children in many societies and thus contributing to many people being uneducated. In our scholarship program, we offer support to the needy and poor students supporting over fourty three students from Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan to regain their lost hope through the sponsorship program. Many of our supported students are offering science course, business adminstration and theology. To us, it is these very sponsored student to bring change and good leadership in their home countries.


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